Three of the biggest investments we should make in our lifetime are good shoes, a good mattress and good skin care product. 
After many years in the industry and having the opportunity to try many product lines in this fast-changing market. I have found two skincare lines I can 100% stand behind the products they carry. I personally use products from both skincare lines and continue to use them on a daily basis.
Why do I stand behind Beautycounter and Clayton Shagal?
No Secrets Added!!
Beautycounter has created safer, high-performing skin care and clean beauty without harmful or questionable ingredients, so you can feel confident in your daily routine. What they mean by clean: over 1,500 questionable ingredients are never used in our formulations. Visit  The Never List™️ for a glimpse at the harmful and questionable ingredients they prohibit from use in their products. Beautycounter always choose the best ingredients that meet our industry-leading safety standards.

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Clayton Shagal:
Besides the fact it is a Canadian Company based out of Quebec. And with 35 years in the industry. They have developed products that corrects the skin from deep below. Not only are estheticians using this products for themselves and their clients, but dermatologist, plastic surgeons, and many other skin care professionals! 
The results I have seen with my clients have been phenomenal! Anywhere from fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne prone skin, scars, burns, hyper-pigmentation, dull skin, enlarged pores you name it! It is great for all skin types for men and women.
With the only Collagen on the market that is a live collagen. I can actually boast that it penetrates the skin as deep as a collagen injection! The product line is also vegan line, besides the Collagen and Elastin gel and serums.
With natural ingredients such as honey, bamboo, oats, avocado, cocoa and grape seed and more and no synthetic ingredients, treat your skin with top quality care without compromising it with chemicals.

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