Luxurious Facial Treatment

To remove excess oils and impurities from your skin, promote skin vibrancy and
clarity. Designed to cleanse deep and remove any impurities while promoting
collagan production.
Based on your skin condition, each facial will be designed specificially for each client to ensure they get the best results.
1 hour long appointment.

Express Facial Treatment

To give your skin a quick pick me up, at the same time removing excess oils and impurities from the skin.
30 minute long appointment.

Back Treatment

Specialized treatment for the back. Suitable to acne prone skin.
30 minute long appointment.
Come in and let me take care of your skin.  Using on all my facials, I am a proud product user of Clayton Shagal for my clients. Clayton Shagal being a Canadan Company, offering the first Collagan product, with 30 years research, that penetrates the skin as deep as a collagan injection.  

Also available as retail. Please contact me for monthly promotions.